My Nia Training has helped me develop a resilient and sustainable lifestyle as I grow older. Topics covered that relate to issues of aging:

  • To adjust the intensity of any workout, recreation, or chore to perfectly match your current
    needs, ability, and energy.
  • Practical methods to improve learning and memory, remembering with body sensations, and for quieting internal chatter so you can learn.
  • Develop the ability to literally shift what you feel in your body and life, connecting to joy,
    well-being, and accomplishment.
  • -Be a sensation scientist, listen and respond when your body is not feeling just right, and
    make changes. Enhance body awareness to live comfortably in your body.

  • Communication skills for both speaking and listening effectively. Condition and improve the
    sound of your voice.
  • To be relaxed and thrive in even the most demanding and stressful conditions. Notice the
    natural rhythms of your body.
  • Express elements of the Marital Arts, Dance Arts and Healing Arts, such as yoga. Each of the
    Movement Forms influencing Nia provides paths for personal empowerment, creativity, and
    adaptability, as well as a variety of ways to move.
  • Build mental focus, strengthen your nervous system, and enhance your listening skills with
    Nia’s unique system for coding and mapping music.
  • Playfully explore going beyond your default ways to move and dance. Stimulate creativity,
    and invite change into your life and work.
  • Anatomy, not from memorizing, but rather, focused on body literacy, enabling you to take
    care of your body and address personal needs such as correct postural alignment, enhanced
    breathing, and increased flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability.
  • Create a path for self-discovery and on-going education. Live into your purpose, discover
    your unique gifts, consciously direct actions and choices to become a leader and role model.
  • Grow into becoming an Elder.
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