Nia Sensory Memory
Nia Sensory Memory

Hanging my laundry out on the clothesline after a week of Nia Training, I think back to the days I wore each outfit. I wash and hang my clothes in-side-out to reduce abrasion of the fabric and fading from the sun. So the bright colors I wore are less vibrant on the line, yet some of the memories are clear: that was the day we explored the joy of movement (Nia’s first Principle) and I remember the sensation of opening in my rib cage. Ah! That’s the big window to remembering in a whole new way: sensation. The Nia White Belt Training is 7 days of immersion in noticing my own sensations. Learning about music, modulating effort and intensity of exercise, exploring 9 different Movement Forms (from Martial Arts to Dance Arts, to Healing Arts like yoga)  all from the filter of what I sense in my own body. Ooh, it’s rich!

And even as clothes line days are over in Western Oregon, sensation recollections are clear and strong.

Join me for a Nia White Belt Training on the spectacular Oregon coast during it’s very best month of the whole year, October.

Saturday the 22nd afternoon through Friday the 28th with daily Nia classes and personal explorations of the first 13 Principles of Nia.

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