When I first met The Nia Technique, I did all moves at half speed and still believed that there were some moves I would never do again. My journey of healing my knee included Nia, surgery, healing touch, and believing it was possible. The real life-changer was shifting out of “putting up with.” I now live Nia philosophy. Any injury, large or small, I am curious: what will I learn this time? hmmm… how can I tweak this movement and situation? and I begin from Joy, rather that waiting for joy after the pain is fixed.

Most recent experiment: tight psoas after shoveling too much gravel on the same side in one day. What I learned: when I went to one-point and Joy, I could move without pain or tightness. The assignment: be in one-point and Joy more of the time. Thank you, tightness and pain, for offering me the opportunity to take my practice to a higher level!

Deepest appreciation

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