Seen on the bulletin board at RainRock Treatment Center for eating disorders: “My soul is hungry, time to make art.” I love the suggestion to replace my over-snacking with creativity.  But how do I get out the paint or the flower vases while I’m here in a parking lot?

Applied to this moment, it’s time to create my life as a lifestyle which is beautiful, artistic, thought-provoking, energizing, inspiring to myself and to others, building resilience, and, like good art, enduring over time. I wish to build sustainability into my lifestyle art. When I am most challenged, most distracted, by short-term gratification, what can I do? Invoke my desire to create and enduring work of art with my life.

At those moments  that I realize I have made a choice, an action that does not align with my bigger goal, how do I deal with it? With compassion and love. If I am to be the best, most responsible and effective parent to myself  – nurturing and fostering my own growth, I want to be loving and encouraging. “That’s great! Look what I am learning. This has been a useful experiment. Try a new experiemtn next time.”

What? Blog about my own foibles and goof-ups? Hah! As if the rest of you don’t stumble as well. I endeavor to empower you to get the most milage out of your learning experiences by sharing my own.

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