A colleague wrote in response to my absence note, “I hope it’s a pleasure trip.”  Indeed it’s a pleasure trip… in my own kind of way. I’m attending a Nia Training offered by another trainer. Nia is about sensation and pleasure. And we’re spending the whole week exploring how to create a sustainable life . . . in motion, in feels-good, in how to feel vitality for the rest of our lives.

I’m soooo in love, again ad still, with Nia. The White Belt is utterly brilliant and useful even if you do not ever plan on teaching.

Please join me for either of 2 scheduled training dates offered this October. One begins  Sunday, October 2nd and then continues for a series of 6 Mondays. So one day a week allows you to continue some necessary aspects of your everyday life and begin right away to put what you are leaning to real-world practice.

The other option is a week-long retreat in Yachats on the coast, beginning Saturday, October 22nd

Do you have to be able to dance all day long? No. We explore. We do research with our observations about our ways of moving and thinking. And you take it on your own terms, your own energy level, What feels right for your body. You actually learn more and more about “your body’s way” to go through life. For a long time to come.01da9bd45e5b4fba99b46762d269f8e707a97cbc49

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