I don’t always make good choices. Last night I ate too much ice cream while we watched fireworks after the baseball game. Maybe any ice cream is “too much” for me, but I don’t want to be rigid. I like to flow with the occasion. Today my stomach doesn’t feel so good and I’m reflecting on the importance of living the healthy lifestyle that I promote. Seeking to regain balance when I feel out of balance, I don’t have to get caught in the story, I just zero in on the sensation of balance.

Who am I without my story? I strive to reflect the lessons I’ve learned in how I live my life. Then I don’t have to tell everyone my story. What’s important will be observed.

In the White Belt Training I do tell many stories – with the intention to guide others along the way. You may be older than I am, or better at doing something. I offer the training with the view that I have a perspective that may be useful to you. I look forward to listening and learning about your perspective, too, during the process of exploring the sensation language of your body, within the brilliant format of the Nia Technique White Belt Principles.

The first 13 Principles of Nia, studied in depth in the White Belt Training, can become lifetime tools for continuing growth and sustaining health throughout your life. For prevention of, and the ability to bounce back from, injury. I seek to foster a life of sustainability and resilience. For you and for myself.


Nia training is more than information. You may already have lots of  expertise. I know a lot, but so do you.  The training creates experiences from which to make your own observations. We will use well-designed tools, in a format honed over years by Debbie Rosas, Carlos Rosas (Nia Founders), and many other trainers, to guide you in your process. Find personal meaning in the Joy of Movement, in interpreting wisdom from 9 global movement traditions, and that’s just the beginning of 7 transformational days, either as one retreat or spread out over 6 weeks

There’s no guarantee that you will never again be out of balance. What you will have is the tool of sensation, and many others, to find your way back, maybe more quickly than before. I’d love to have you join me.

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